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Beautiful childhood Memories of Jalan Lim Tai See July 7, 2006

Posted by kentneo in Memories.

Click here for photos and historical background of Lim Tai See temple

Text by Nana

Yes Yes yes….Jalan Lim Tai See – those were my childhood days in Jalan Lim Tai See. Thats my kampoooong mum & eldest aunt had tiny plot of “grundstuck”. Aunt had good portion of it not the Fatima(mum).
Oh that big red Temple use to be infront of shop Ah Seng and Bok Seng!! Well recalled. Where Ah Seng had an eye for Fatima (mum) and dad got so jealous . Yep, my neighbours were all the Hokkien with lots of pigggggs OK.
We the Ahmad kiddos had great fun living in Jalan Lim Tai See. Really wonderful years living in harmony with all ethnics. Chinese New Year received all those Chinese sweet cakes which you can’t get them these days. Then nyonya grinding the glutinous rice in the old grinding stone. Good arm exercise – muscles grew for the nyonyas We have the Haji Anuars extended families, the Babas with 2 wives.
Both wives lived under one roof.

I was then 7 when we moved from Victoria Park-Empress Road(Farrer Road) into very beautiful Chinese-Malay kampoong… Jalan Lim Tai See cos of the land. I’m proud till now cos at seven still drinking milk from the Heinz baby bottle untill Ah Kim and Geok Moi (Hokkien neighbour) making so much fun of me. Oh yes, in Jalan Lim Tai See we had 14 cats – Brownie, Trinny, Patches, Smokey, Puteh (these were my
favorits) our home kind of 1/2 way home for Kit Kats. No break tho!

The big temple use to have lots of wayang – Operas. Yes, that was it – chinese operas. So much nice goodies – yummi yummi food during the wayang days. It was also in this kampoong mum & me heard the laugh of Draculla. No joke. Serious. It was just after 8.30pm walking towards our aunt
white bungalow home which situated on a nice hill which we sold to an Indonesian Chinese at S$500,000. Stupid deal and now that land cost exorbitant.

What is beautiful after all those years I met our Hokkien-Bb
neighbours kids whom I grew up with – Ah Wah & Josephin while shopping at Scotts Isetan. Mensch!! Years gone by. They call me Nana. So nice people are the Hokkien and the Bbs. Gosh…..the slaughtering of the pigs past midnite. So much fun ja. Hmmm… my wonderful childhood.

The temple used to be on much higher ground and there were grand steps. Now, it stands on the same level as the road. Few houses from the temple there were mee-noodle & beancurd factory. And, not forgetting the Javanese families who make Tempe (fermented beancurd).

In Jln Lim Tai See there is Jln Ampang which will lead you to Queen Astrid Park to house of late EW Baker, Holland House, then the magnificent home of the Shaw brothers with their employees (drivers,cooks & amah) quarters. Then, if you drive further you’ll come out to Holland Rd-Holland Village.

Likesay, recalled it was midnite mum, sis-Hasnah & at times myself waited for my eldest sister to come home from… work-party-gala-event, mum carried a baseball bat incase roques-gangsters around, then during this hour some temple keeper and tangki made walks-procession, the person leading the night walk-prayer will tell mum-Fatima “makcik tolong tepi sikit (kindly move aside) Datok mahu jalan” of cos me & Hasnah hide behind mum lah. Oh yes, apparently the temple also a kind of gathering place for the certain clans-mafiasi. I remember this old chappy Ah Peng, chiefgangster, he’s very involved with this temple too.Prolly my dad knows more will check with him.Those days these group pretty strong. My sibblings are well like by Ah Seng and Ah Peng’s clans….. cos my uncle a CID detective, my girl cousin a police officer. Its funny, each time when my uncle in his WV beatle blue car came visiting, Ah Seng & Ah Peng would say “Fatima lu adik mata gelap(detective) sama lua(dua-two) orang semalam datang, apa dia cari” :)) My uncle himself looked like agangster!! Ganster Teck Whye….hahhaaaa.. We assumed when my uncle got tipped-off ,he and his CID member appeared – pretending to visit Fatima. Whatever it is, we all, iregardless of race-religion, surely lived in harmony at kampooong Jalan Lim Tai See.

Oh there also moon-lighting in Jln Lim Tai See. Illegal samsu making..

Alamak nice aroma. These folks will appear midnite with some German Shepherd doggies and start samsu making.

Anyhow…Jalan Lim Tai See got lots of SPOOKs too. Only if you believe.

But the P….t..anak stories could be some of truth!! That was the laughter which my mum & I heard the night when we were walking towards Aunt’s white bungalow la. My mum was so “puchat”- pale stricken OK. No the samsu gangs came from 6th Ave!! They’re not residents of lim tai see.It’s the kampooners in lim tai see themselves experienced these spookie incidents. Tell Ronni, what a waste for not cycling thru Lim Tai See. Indeed a beautiful kampoong la. The tok Penghulu is Ah Peng….orang cina not orang melayu.

Vic, one of the temple guardian this old lady who smoke tembakau cina (cigarette) and her hoosban aka apek pekong (sores) apparently got many handsom sons!!! Really really handsom, long nose, tall, mum wonder where this old lady got them from they’re hokkien but surely don’t look hokkien. Cantik siak.. One married a malay. Their home right of the temple, opposite Bok Seng store. What a rival Bok Seng & Ah Seng provision store. Ah Seng promoted Magnolia while Bok Seng sold Walls ice cream. Aiyo, those ice cream real sedap. Bok Seng sold lots of AngMohs groceries – Kellogs, Heinz, Lux Flakes detergent, canned Tunas,etc etc..apart from daily local veges, fishes. Ah Seng had all in his store… Magnolia Fresh
Milk packed in a triangle carton.

I surely missed going to Ah Seng’s store. Tag along with mum on our mthly shopping and in his store the aroma of rice in gunni sack, flour in open bags, sugar, all sorts of things. When Fatima arrive…..his smiles big lor. Then say gently, mahu apa fatima (hahaahaa). Smile la, coz fatima bought alot things and you know la, mum wore sexxxa kebaya those days. Ah Seng just a very good orang cina ok. A pleasant man, with families, in his early 40s in year 1970. His brother was a true bred ‘mafia’ from Kampong Banjir
(now Dutchess Road) in 70s. Apparently, he too had a provision store in old kampong banjir.

There was this “craze” chap. Our Hokkien neighbours kids – feared him. He ate raw baby mice….and he will take his Boar for a walk to meet another Sow to mate. He had big fat indeed ugly BOAR!!! My
dad said he’s nice…the chap, I think he came from neighbouring kampoong Jln Tuah / Toh (can’t recall correct name) Like say, we do have good mix of orang cina hokkien and melayu jawa in Lim Tai See.
Oh…re the big pythons in lim tai see, shot in our chooks barn. That was in aunt home tho. Will tell you next time… Even police officers so afraid to shoot.

How fortunate that we now lived in upper grounds with lights all nite thru.. Not a penny will make me walk, get me out of my home at nite in lim tai see after 7.30pm. Just eeerieee la..



1. LL - November 6, 2007

Yes I remember Jln Lim Tai See! I used to live in Corona Ville in ’85 and immensely enjoyed my childhood years cycling around the neighbourhood.

I remember the temple that used to stage the operas and the provision shop where we used to get our supply of kaka and lollies.

I loved Jln Lim Tai See back then as dirt tracks were still around the area and it was really fun to splash through the mud on rainy days on our BMX bikes.

All million dollar houses now…….

2. chia lynn - January 6, 2008


Yeah I remember the chinese temple! Though even by then it was already more or less the same level as the road, if I remember correctly.
The wayang platform was at this field across it at the time (that I think they’ve built over):. My grandma used to take me to the shows at night. I’d always get bored, since I couldn’t understand a word they were spouting haha.
Then in 1999 my grandma died. My parents didn’t think we needed the extra room, so we moved to jurong 😦 Though it was fortuitious that at the time the property market was kind of lousypok, so my parents didn’t sell the semi-d. Now we’re renting it out to expats for a neat sum 🙂

Oh are y’all familiar with the huge monsoon drain further in, near lim tai see walk? There are these dubious-looking (but pretty stable) rungs at the side of it. My sister used to coax me in and we’d go ‘exploring’. I always entertained the idea of walking through the sewer system all the way to crown centre or coronation plaza, but I never acted; I was really afraid I’d get lost and NEVER BE FOUND AGAIN.

Such is the imagination of youth, eh 🙂

3. bigone - May 1, 2013

Hi there, the whole thing is going sound here and ofcourse every one is
sharing data, that’s actually fine, keep up writing.

4. Kai - July 12, 2013

Thanks for sharing. I would love to go around this place. Is the chinese temple still there? Where is your aunt white bunglow located? Still there? Where is this Holland House?

5. Ryan - February 18, 2017

I’ve been living here since the early ’90s when I was born. Won’t be long till I move out soon. I’ve had many pleasant memories during my childhood days cycling about with my best friend who stayed at Allamanda Grove. With regards to the ‘monsoon drain’ mentioned by chia lynn, I’ve done that before with my best friend, but failed to enter the dark abyss as we were hindered by the slippery moss on the ground.

As for the temple the last time that I watched one of their operas was when I was a small kid and my dad would let me sit on his shoulders. Reading this post makes me feel that I should make it a point to watch one again. The operas occur only about twice a year so it’s hard to catch. The temple has been renovated and expanded in 2016, it now features fairy lights at night and a magnificent statue of the patron deity for whom the road was named after.

Perhaps a more recent tradition worth mentioning about Jalan Lim Tai See is the ice cream man who has been making his rounds of the area since 2005. My friends and I would pause our mini-soccer matches and buy ice cream from him. 12 years later, I still make it a point to buy his ice cream. As his COE has expired recently, every weekend I am unsure if that would be the last time I am seeing him.

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