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6. The opportunities to meditate in daily life November 26, 2007

Posted by kentneo in Art.

The opportunities to meditate in daily life


At present, both east and westerners like to talk about “meditation”, it is quite a popular topic. In reality, meditation is a way of taking care of one’s inner self, if you are fortunate enough to be fated to come across meditation, it will draw you in to many positive/explainable experiences/environments.


Meditation is originally a type of study in Buddhism, when Buddha was at “ling shan”, plucking a flower and smiling, both flowers and smiling have come to symbolize the footprints in ones heart according to the [?? Book]. This book actually has an old oral tradition, it is more than an book of instruction, it is like the bible.


Although we can read books about meditation and heard a lot of stories about meditation, whether it is the northern, slower style of meditation or the southern, instant enlightenment meditation, there should not be that differentiation. If one can reach enlightenment, that is good enough. In this constantly frustrating world, to be able to get some understanding of our being is a good thing, understanding the spiritual side of oneself is a form of prosperity. Being pulled into a peaceful situation is a good thing after all and meditation is available to all, be you educated or not, old or young, rich or poor, strong or weak, it doesn’t distinguish whether you are from the east or west, white or black. Learning meditation is available on an equal opportunity basis for all, it is the type of knowledge that is the root to wisdom.


The west had experience the hippy culture and that has come and gone. What the hippies were trying to achieve was a similar kind of enlightenment, they were not outcasts of society or misfits or insane, many of them had good manners, well educated, were self sufficient but realize that they are still suffering aimlessly on earth. All the material goods they had were a form of escapism. Meditation would be a path to a solution but its not a matter of passive or active meditation… but “wu wei” method.


There are a lot of types of meditation, it ranges form a religion to a following that isn’t all that elegant. So lets not talk about the types of meditation, but meditation as a learning process, which is achievable by everyone, you can’t obtain it by brute force nor money, nor formal education. It can’t be force fed, the way they feed and fatten up ducks for peking duck.


In 688 CE, there was a person called “Shen Hui”, he lived to 75 and is recorded in the “…”. According to the story, when he was a young man, the age of 13, from Xiang Yang, he headed for “Yue Quan” to participate in a Buddhist conference. There he met a master who said to him, “you have come a long way, but do you know your roots?” Shen Hui answered, “ we come from nothing, we are what we experience”, to which the master said, “there is some logic to that but that isn’t entirely accurate”. Shen Hui then asked, “dear monk, when you are meditating, do you see or not see?”, The monk then hit him with his walking stick 3 times, “ when I hit you does it hurt?” and he replied, “ well it hurts and it doesn’t hurt”. The monk then said, “and you ask me whether I see or not see?”, Shen Hui then asked, “what do you mean when you say, you see but you not see?” and the master monk replied, “I can see my own short comings but I can’t see the shortcomings of others, when you ask me what I mean by seeing and not seeing, there are always two sides to everything you see, just like you feel pain but no pain”. Shen Hui thanked the monk with some regret (of not thinking through his question?). The monk then added, “if one is muddled and can’t see, yet you ask me what I can see, why do you ask me? There are many things that one needs to discover by oneself”. Shen Hui then respectfully bowed many times, refused to leave the monk’s side and asked to be his disciple.


One day the monk asked, “ I have an item that has no head and no tail, no name and no words, no back and no front, does anyone know what I am?”, Shen Hui answered,” that is the root of Buddhism, for in everthing there is Buddha”. The monk replied, “I asked about something without a name and yet you talk about Buddhism, you learn but you don’t understand”.


After the monk passed away, Shen Hui went to “Jing Lo” to teach meditation. It shouldn’t matter which form of meditation we learn be it the northern or southern method, as long as one can achieve enlightenment, that will lighten ones frustration, this is one of the benefits of “shin chiao” meditation to carry with one throughout ones life, with yoga or tai qi, which is beneficial physically. One should strive not for fame or power but for health, otherwise in your luxurious home in your big limousine, everyday is the dull boredom of suffering, what use is that?


I once did this painting, the title is, “ to watch my surroundings of mountains and water, to listen to the wind and rain in deep slumber. Guests come and go, flowers bloom and fade”. This is a poem from Xu Pen, as long as we smile towards a flower (enjoy the simplicity???), being alone or being in deep slumber, what happiness.


Buddha once said, “everything that is living, can reach buddha”, one needs to know that “the heart contains the Buddha and Buddha is the heart”, this is a true statement. “the external heart has no Buddha” is also a true statement, meditation becomes like idolatry. But meditation isn’t cult type game. Buddha once said, “bla bla bla???”



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