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Latest update, 26 Mar 2007 

1. SOCH is now renamed SOH (Save Our Heritage).

2. SOH shall remain as a web enitity with volunteers from the web contributing in articles, photographs and videography. As it is a web entity, it will be independent of SHS until there are enough active members to form a proper Special Interest Group under the Singapore Heritage Society.

3. SOH welcomes web-masters who would be interested in raising heritage awareness through the internet. In particular, with the setting up of wordpress blogs for heritage matters relating to other ethnic groups in Singapore e.g. Save Our Peranakan Heritage, Save Our Tamil Heritage, Save Our Malay Heritage etc.

2nd unofficial meeting for the forming of SOCH, ? July 2006

1. The official date for SOCH to be formed as a Special Interest Group under Singapore Heritage Society.

2. Confirmation of SOCH voluntary committee members. Registration of confirmed members with SHS.

3. Role nomination for SOCH 1st committee (voluntary basis)

Overall advisor –  Mr Kevin Tan

Web editor/Architectural advisor – Mr Kent Neo (position confirmed)

Treasurer/ Anthropological advisor – Mr Chan Chow Wah (position confirmed)

Videographer/ Customs advisor – Mr Victor Yue (position confirmed)

Educational promoter/ Cultural advisor – Mr Koh Sze Wei (position confirmed)

Photographers – Mr Eugene Tang, Mr Chee

Conservation advisor – Mr Kelvin Ang, Mr Yeo Kang Shua

Heritage Trail advisors – Ms Geraldene Lowe, Ms Diana Chua

Food advisor – Mr Victor Yue, Ms Margaret Chan 

4. Creating awareness of heritage as fun and meaningful. Fortnightly field work as ‘ECA’ for both students & working adults. Everyone can participate. Activities include makan, interview, photo shoots (professional & amateur) of architecture & artifacts.

5. Publicity for Field work & SOCH website. Need good marketing volunteer.

6. Central repository of high resolution images. Ying Fo Fui Kun , Singapore History Museum or Singapore Heritage Society?

1st unofficial meeting for the forming of SOCH, 24 June 2006

Highlights of meeting

1. High resolution digital DSLRs of minimum 8 megapixels are needed for this exercise.

2. When recording artifacts, a zoomed in picture must be accompanied by a zoomed out picture to show its surrounding context.

3. Thumbnails of archived pictures should be published on a webspace for sharing instead of a central repository of high resolution pictures due to copyrights issues.

4. The cost of setting up an actual website for SOCH is estimated at S$5000.

5. Volunteers for the postions of secretary, treasurer, writers, photogaphers , web master are needed.

6. A webpage to be ready by 22 July in conjunction with the Heritage week will be of good publicity for the initiative.

7. Ying Fo Fui Kun pledges a computer for volunteers for this initiative as a common repository if required.

8. ISEAS was considered to be of a possible organization for support. Other sources of funding can be applied from CDC and URA.


1. Kevin Tan - July 16, 2006

Dear Kent

There seems quite a bit we need to cover and I do suggest that we should really meet up before proceeding with the various things. The SHS already has a website (though sorely in need of updating) and we can meet with our website designers etc to help with the material we need to put up and also to create a repository. The target date for your website (22 July) seems too close but let’s discuss.

BTW, I think you are referring to Victor Yue and not Vincent Yue.

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