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How to contribute

2007 Plans

1. Setup of registered Flickr account to display all documented pictures from field work.

2. Complete high-resolution digital documentation of all old Chinese architecture in Singapore within 1 year.

3. Public exhibition on Chinese architecture in Singapore (Dec 2007)

We are currently looking for volunteers in these areas:

Registered writers in English & Chinese – you will be a knowledgeable person in the various categories of this weblog. The categories are: architecture, artifacts, customs, food and memories. If you fit the description, register with this weblog for free and you can start posting articles on endangered Chinese heritage in the various categories using WordPress. To get an online tutorial on using WordPress, go to wordpress.org.

Registered translators – you will help to translate Chinese articles to English or vice versa. We would like this web to be a bilingual web, benefitting both English and Chinese reading Singaporeans. Once the volume of this site has reach statistical targets, a mirror site in Chinese will be created,. Meanwhile, both English and Chinese articles will co-exist in this same website.

Commentators – give us your comments at the end of each postings, you don’t have to register with this weblog to comment. Your comment may be important for us.

Photographers – we need photographers who are interested in Chinese heritage and who would like to contribute to this initiative. You will have copyrights of your photos. However, if you wish, you may like to donate your photos to the National archives whilst maintaining your copyrights. Minimum requirement for equipment, an 8 megapixel DSLR camera. We welcome especially amateur photographers with high resolution digtal DSLRs.

Web maintenance – we need a volunteer with a good sense of WordPress knowlegde to maintain, organize and expand this weblog. Students who are computer savvy are welcomed.

Treasurer cum secretary – we need urgently someone who is experienced in funding management and running of a registered society. We would like to raise more funds for this initiative so that we can carry out publications and perhaps even have our own office space. At the moment, we are only a web entity, we would like to be a properly registered society as soon as possible.


1. Tan Beng Luan - December 17, 2006

Hi all

For Tong Heng Cantonese Pastry, the founder Mr Fong Chek Kai was interviewed by Oral History Centre in the mid 1980s. Mr Fong talked about history of China town, differences between tea houses, coffee shops and restaurant. He also talked about his pastry shop history.

2. Kent Neo - December 18, 2006

Hi Beng Luan,

Thanks for this bit of info. Are there transcripts of this interview? Otherwise we have to pay for the records. I would rather conduct a first hand interview with the current owner with an mp3 recorder on hand. The problem is, all those tons of archives in the archive centre are not free. I can pay for them if I had a sponsor or foundation supporting this initiative.

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