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1. Tan Kim Huat - January 25, 2007

Hi Kent Neo,

Sian Keng Tong webpage,
it should be August 2007 instead of August 2007.

2. Tan Kim Huat - January 27, 2007

Sian Keng Tong webpage,
it should be August 2006 instead of August 2007.

3. Tan Kim Huat - February 16, 2007

Hi Kent Neo,

21 Feb 2007 Receiving of Chinese gods in traditional ceremonial costume. Time : 8 pm ,hope to see you on that day.

4. carolyn wong - November 7, 2007

Hi Kent,
I am glad I stumbled upon your website. I wish I still lived in Singapore and would be able to volunteer help on the fundraising side or just going to visit these places.

Anyway the reason i am writing is my grandfather, Huang Yao (www.huangyao.org – I seriously need to work on updating this site next!), was also a journalist, he wrote a number of articles in Chinese about Chinese culture, mainly art (as he is an artist, his works are with SAM, national palace and the british museum).

I spent 2 years translating them with the help of a Chinese teacher when we lived in Taipei, they are still in rough format (ie first translation draft) but I would be more than happy to share them with you. There are about 85 articles, I think many you would find interesting as he talks about popular beliefs and customs but then relates it to Chinese Art.


email below or to singaporecarolyn@yahoo.com

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